by Constant Lovers

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Constant Lovers’ Pangs was created during a sustained period of unrest punctuated by moments of intense inspiration.  The result is an album where delight collides with angularity, chaos morphs into play, and humor and strangeness are, as always, just beneath the tough exterior.   At once a celebration of the heavier sounds featured in their last album, Experience Feelings, Pangs also signals a turn towards a more exploratory nature. With the addition of saxophone and the use of improvisation in both recording and recent live shows, Constant lovers are pushing at their boundaries.


Constant Lovers are rock and roll band that likes to push just beyond the expected and provide a slightly different perspective on rock music. Our music is created in collaborative spontaneity with a desire to embrace our instincts. The result is often a little rowdy,  a little funny, and maybe a little broken.  

Constant Lovers
Joel Cuplin
Eric Fisher
Gavin Tull-Esterbrook
Ben Verellen

Seattle, Washington

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